Why Your Calling May Be… Where You Are NOW!

Questions and Answers signpostIn July I started re-reading Eckhart Tolle’s books, he’s a serious advocate of living in the present moment which I’m sure is a challenge for many of us. It is for me, especially when I am under pressure and feeling anxious. Living in the moment helps us feel more alive and content. Things feel timeless when you live in the moment, allowing for a flow of focus, appreciation, creativity and beingness – welcome reprieves from scattered thoughts, preoccupations and worries. After rereading “The Power of Now”, I reread “A New Earth” which further instills the importance of being present and how it impacts the planet not just you as an individual. I was caught off guard when I rediscovered a chapter about finding your purpose, which to me is akin to your calling. It reminded me of my last blog about “doing what you do with love”. To summarize Tolle says we miss opportunities if we spend time worrying about our calling or our purpose, indulging ideas of greatness, like helping others and doing things of significance. He then says that when doing becomes the focal point of your attention, you do things well. He also says that honoring the small things in the present moment will get you closer to your inner purpose than pursuing ideas of grandeur which he says is a fantasy of the ego. He explains that your primary purpose should always be to do what you do well, with full consciousness. Working from a place of full consciousness will allow your good intentions to flow through and into what you do. This will inevitably have external impact and open doors for your fulfillment. Tolle mentions the quote, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. In other words, your aims and actions should not be primary; it’s your state consciousness that should be. By focusing on your consciousness and present moments, you avoid anxiety, stress and worry associated with “When and how will I get there”. In his view, you are already there, you just need to live in the moment which somehow ensure that whatever you do you do is done well with spirit and integrity ( feels a bit like making the most of your current situation). High integrity like this builds the foundations for developing your new direction; it happens with less effort while opening you up to opportunities as your work and activities become more fulfilling. It seems that preoccupation with not having enough or not being to where you need to be never gets anyone anywhere but wanting more and looking to the future or to the past incessantly. I get this sense when I come across people in services industries like, receptionists, baristas, waiters and cashiers who are attentive, cheerful, kind and full of enthusiasm – you know their attitude will take them places and in time you watch them grow. Like the old story of the CEO who was once the hard working, always pleasant and helpful mail room clerk. I should add that being in the presence of these kinds of people is always enjoyable and pleasant; their work is making the world a better place. They make a difference. To sum it all up my take away is this, don’t worry about finding your calling, it will find you if you approach what you do with full consciousness. Have faith that good work and honoring the small things in your current situation will take you where you need to go.

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I'm the founder of i-identify a Toronto based recruiting company. I deliver full-time and contract professionals who are leaders in their fields. Much of my work has focused in the tech sector, however; I have done some great work in retail, not-for-profit, consumer packaged goods and mining too. I've become a generalist who specializes in identifying great talent.

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