Is Your Junky LinkedIn Headline Polluting Your Brand?


Junking up your Linkedin Headline with useless adjectives and phrases is bad for your precious social media environment. It’s a desperate sign. You’re cramming in all the copy you can. CAPS, adjectives, “catchy phrases” and pipes ( |) give viewers like recruiters the sense that you’re an attention deprived child looking for attention. PICK ME!

Please don’t pollute Linkedin with headlines like these:


( especially if you’re an executive who wants to be regarded as a leader not a looser)

Bob Brag

AUTHOR|EVANGELIST|CEO|GAME CHANGER|TEAM BUILDER|BOARD CHAIR                                                                                                

Sally Sadd  

Deal Whisperer, Vice President Sales, Open to great opportunities 

Do a LinkedIn Headline De-Tox.

If you’re unemployed, don’t make it your mission statement. You can simply place the appropriate end date under experience. If you’re good at what you do, tell us about your self in your LinkedIn summary. Never in any way shape or form use words or phrases that tell profile viewers that you are unemployed or “looking for work”. Talented people find work, they hunt and network, they conduct targeted research.

Telling people that you’re looking for work in a LinkedIn headline is like telling the world you’re  hoping opportunities will find you instead of you finding them. It’s like a lazy fisherman, putting his rod in the water then taking a nap, waiting to see what fish bites.

LinkedIn is a search engine, if you want to be found, use traditional job titles and skip the adjectives. No one searches LinkedIn with, “GAME CHANGER” , “CEO Whisperer” , “DEAL MAKER”.

Keep everything in your profile fact based, use numbers, metrics, awards, certifications.

Your Linkedin Headline should state what you do for a living not how you do it – leave the adjectives out, they aren’t pulling people in to your profile, they’re pushing them away.

If you’re a recruiter and you’ve been fooled into connecting to candidates with Headlines like these , think again.

When it comes to LinkedIn –  be clear, be truthful, be clean.






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I'm the founder of i-identify a Toronto based recruiting company. I deliver full-time and contract professionals who are leaders in their fields. Much of my work has focused in the tech sector, however; I have done some great work in retail, not-for-profit, consumer packaged goods and mining too. I've become a generalist who specializes in identifying great talent.

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