The i-identify Approach – how I work

Every recruiting assignment has a unique ask, there’s never the same way to do a search. Each client has something unique that they offer and something unique that they need.  Through a few in-depth conversations and meetings, we can work together to find the right candidates.

I am relentless when it comes to finding talent. Phones and cold calling don’t scare me and the internet can be my best friend.

Through boot camps, boolean work shops, unconferences and a healthy amount of ADD I’ve become adept at social media sourcing, using Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Search Engines. I also spend a lot of time networking in person to identify candidates.  I use e-mail campaigns often and through trial and error (ouch) I’ve developed successful messaging styles that target talent pools directly and tap into their networks for referrals.

When I find a great candidate, I’m not afraid to cold call them at work, at home or on their mobile. When candidate’s information is public, I figure they want to be found. Recruiting success is contingent upon building community and identifying talent pools. If you want to hunt someone down, you have to play in their playground and know what’s going to peak their interests. It’s not all that sophisticated, but it does take a lot of fine tuning, keen perception and confidence.

Finding talent isn’t about aligning skills to a job, it’s about learning the nuances of culture, understanding leadership styles, and vision. It’s about identifying the kind of person and opportunity that will make a mutual difference.